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About Us

Flex Facts is an administrator of pre-tax employee benefit plans specializing in Medical & Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts, Commuter Benefits and Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangements.

Our Mission:
To provide the best quality benefits administration at the lowest cost possible. We guarantee to beat any competitor’s price. Utilizing the most advanced technology platform, communicating via e-mail, paying claims with direct deposit and through the debit card, and distributing our services through our broker relationships we are able to keep costs low while maintaining excellent customer service.

Employers are assigned a dedicated account executive to help with implementation and ongoing support. Flex Facts Account Executives have an average of over 10 years experience working with all aspects of consumer driven health care. Each account executive walks their employer groups through every aspect of implementation and is readily available to answer calls. We add staff December 1st each year based on the current number of participants that will be renewing as well as the expected number of new participants. This procedure helps us to maintain service levels through the busy year end rush.

Our dedication to excellent customer service year round and our low fees make us a leader in Flexible Benefits Administration.

Employee Profiles:

Kevin J. Boyle
Chief Operating Officer
After graduating from Temple University in 1997 with a BA in Risk Management and Human Resource Administration, Kevin quickly became one of the 4 founding employees of a third party administrator. Working for 10 years as the Chief Compliance Officer, Consumer Driven Benefits Specialist, IT, Claims Supervisor, and in the marketing department he was a key component in building this large national TPA.

When talking about what differentiates Flex Facts from other TPAs Kevin said, “Flex Facts low pricing actually helps us keep our variable costs per participant low. Most large employers “spreadsheet” and the two or three TPAs with the lowest cost typically compete for the business. The variable cost of administering flex accounts is much lower per participant for larger groups. Our fees are over 20% lower than any other TPA I’ve ever worked for. We are able to keep costs low due to economies of scale and a dedication from our investors to make money in volume instead of trying to make a lot of money on each group. The technology that we employ and our dedication to properly staffing and educating our employees allow us to provide the best customer service at a low cost and still stay profitable."

Kevin is recognized by the broker community as an expert in all facets of Consumer Driven Healthcare. His specialty is designing innovative consumer driven health plans that save money for both the employer and their employees.
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