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2019 FSA Contribution Cap Rises to $2,700
November 15, 2018
Employers can let their employees put an extra $50 into their health care flexible spending accounts (heath FSAs) next year, but for some the announcement may have come too late.
Employers Final PCORI Payment Is Rising
November 06, 2018
The final annual fee that sponsors of self-insured health plans must pay to fund the federal Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) is due July 31, 2019. The fee will go up by less than a dime for each employee or dependent enrolled in the health plan, the IRS announced ...
Regulations Aim to Let Employees Use HRAs to Buy Health Insurance
October 31, 2018
Workers could use pretax dollars to purchase coverage on Affordable Care Act exchanges
Childcare costs hit new heights. This employee benefit can help you save $5,000
October 25, 2018
Working parents can use the child and dependent care credit, which is worth up to $1,050 for one child under 13 or $2,100 for two or more kids under 13. You might have access to a dependent care flexible spending arrangement at work: Save up to $5,000 each year per household on a ...
House Passes Bills Enhancing HSAs
July 27, 2018
The House of Representatives on July 25 passed two health care bills that could transform the use of tax-advantaged health savings accounts (HSAs).
2019 HSA Limits Rise, IRS Says
May 11, 2018
fter a tumultuous year of changes in the 2018 annual contribution limits for health savings accounts (HSAs)—they weren't finalized until well into the current year—health plan sponsors should have plenty of time to prepare for the 2019 HSA contribution caps, announced by the IRS on ...
2018 Family HSA Contribution Limit Stays at $6,900 After All
April 27, 2018
The IRS on April 26 announced relief for taxpayers with family coverage under a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) and who contribute to a health savings account (HSA). For 2018, taxpayers with family coverage under an HDHP may treat $6,900 as the maximum deductible HSA ...
IRS Lowers 2018 Family HSA Contribution Limit by $50
March 06, 2018
The 2018 contribution limit for health savings accounts (HSAs) linked to family coverage will be $6,850—not $6,900, as the IRS had previously announced. The IRS recalculated the limit because the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that passed at the end of 2017 applies the so-called chained ...
2018 FSA Contribution Cap Rises to $2,650
October 23, 2017
Employees can put an extra $50 into their health care flexible spending accounts (heath FSAs) next year.
Design Transit Benefits to Increase Workers Engagement
March 06, 2017
Traffic congestion and the rising cost of commuting are combining to push employers to offer transit benefits that allow employees to use pretax dollars to pay for certain commuting costs. "A lot of employees are asking, 'How do I make this commute into my office either less ...
New Law Lets Small Employers Use Stand-Alone Health Reimbursement Arrangements
December 13, 2016
President Barack Obama on Dec. 13 signed into law the 21st Century Cures Act, which will let small businesses use health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) to fund employees who purchase individual health plans on the open market. The bipartisan bill, which Congress passed Dec. 7, ...
2017 FSA Changes: How Flexible Spending Accounts Can Save You on Taxes
December 04, 2016
Flexible spending accounts are available to millions of American workers, and FSAs can save you a bundle on your taxes. Every year, the amount that you can contribute toward an FSA typically changes, and that can give you even more opportunities to cut your tax bill. Below, we'll ...
2017 FSA Contribution Limit Rises to $2,600
November 01, 2016
Employees will be able to put more income into their health care flexible spending accounts in 2017, when the FSA contribution limit rises to $2,600.00
Address HSA Misconceptions During Open Enrollment
October 14, 2016
Open enrollment is an opportunity to help employees understand the value of a health savings account (HSA), but many employers make common mistakes that undermine their communications efforts. "Selecting an HSA option with a high-deductible health plan can have a tremendous impact ...
Health FSA Maximum Contribution Set at $2,550
October 01, 2014
The annual maximum for health FSAs has increased from $2,500 for 2014 to $2,550 for 2015. Transit limits remain unchanged for 2015, with the monthly parking limit remaining at $250 and the mass transit limit remaining at $130.
FSA rules changed to allow $500 rollover
November 01, 2013
Employees with Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) now have a little more flexibility. A recent rule modification from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) now allows FSA holders to roll over up to $500 of savings for use in the following year.
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